Readability? Hmm...

Readability is...

... the ease at which a reader can read, comprehend, and—this is the most important part—submit to your story. Readability is doing everything you can do within your power as an author to ensure nothing, i.e., nebulous words, weak sentence structure, bad grammar, pronoun confusion, crude punctuation, continuity issues, no real plot, feeble plot flow, insufficient character development, poor pacing, etc., in your manuscript makes a reader stop, question, and/or leave before he or she really wants to.

I, as editor, act as a reader, trying to catch everything and anything that makes me cease reading (even for a second). If something makes me stop and pulls me out of the story, I then put on my editing hat to determine (1) what could be the reason I stopped reading and (2) how can it easily be fixed without trampling on an author’s style and tone. 

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I am...

A seasoned, focused editor

Hundreds of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts have achieved great success via my readability superpower.

An experienced, successful writer

Romantic fiction is my passion. Editing and grammar non-fiction is my calling.

A voracious, well-versed reader

An active participant in numerous online and live reader groups for over fifty years, I know what readers like and--more importantly--don't like in a book.

I Edit Your Manuscript 3 Times

At every look-see stage, I provide feedback via Microsoft Word track changes. If you like, we can discuss my remarks "face-to-face" via Skype or FaceTime at no additional charge


Down Payment

$250 holds your spot in the editing lineup. (You're credited for this on your final invoice.) 

Editorial Option #1

$45 per hour (one-hour minimum). After the first hour, I bill on the quarter hour ($11.25). I invoice you after the Second Look-See. Once payment is received, I release my edits to your manuscript. If you're certain your manuscript is clean, tight, and ready for publishing, choose this option. 

Editorial Option #2

$0.02 per word based on your original word count at the First Look-See stage. Once payment is received, I release my edits to your manuscript. If you don't like surprises, choose this option. 

Need a Logline? Need a Blurb?

For an extra $250, I'll write these for you after the Second Look-See.

Face-To-Face Review

FREE! We can review my remarks regarding your manuscript via Skype or FaceTime.

Kill Fee

$250 reimburses me for holding an editing spot for you should you decide to end our fun before we finish the entire process.

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