Ch… Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes…

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Super Annie O

Faster than a speeding deadline, more powerful than a period, and able to leap a rough first-draft in a single bound… Super Annie O fights a never-ending battle for readability, enjoyment, and clear, compelling writing for all!*

Deciphering the written word by age three, performing readings to family and friends from her front porch at eight, and finishing every book in her small hometown library by 12, Annie knew her uncanny ability to not only read, interpret, edit, and improve a writer’s message but teach them to do it themselves must be used for good not evil. 

As the mild-mannered Annie Oortman, she travels the world sharing her superpower with fiction and non-fiction authors alike, hoping one day to rid the publishing world of simple subjects, puzzling plots, and wretched writing.

Join her in her fight!

*Her only weakness? Bookstores


6 Ways to Avoid Neutralizing Your Writing

It. What a cute little, two-letter word. Small but mighty, it can mean everything yet nothing at all. A go-to word for authors of every classification, genre, style, size, platform, etc. of writing, it shows up everywhere like your shadow. Using it in a sentence isn’t necessarily grammatically incorrect or unacceptable by any seemingly formidable …