1000-Word Marchers Challenge

  • Finding time to write difficult?
  • Lacking motivation to be creative?
  • Squeezing writing time into a busy life overwhelming?
  • Listening to big daily word count boasts irritating?

Instead of trying to figure out why you’re not writing and/or getting significant word counts, why not take a leap of faith and devote 30 days to discovering the writer within?

Inspired by Jim Collins’ 20-Mile March Theory and based on the true story of South Pole explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, the 1,000-Word Marchers Challenge helps you discover that you are a writer, you can write, and—with consistent, measurable daily progress—you give life to the ideas that have been floating around in that big ole creative brain of yours.

For 30 days, you and fellow Marchers commitment yourselves to writing 1,000 words a day each. Word-count tracking is managed via the honor code, and we encourage participants to share their totals to the 1XWMC Facebook page daily.

Now, you’re not alone in this monumental challenge. You enjoy plenty of support for your epic endeavor including daily encouragement emails… not-your-usual writing prompts… weekly online writing get-togethers via the 1XWMC Zoom Room… and much, much more.

No games. No swag. No first-place winners. But by Day 30, you reap two valuable rewards: (1) the personal satisfaction of proving to yourself that you can do what it takes when dedicated to a goal and (2) the discovery that you are a WRITER!!!

(If you want to bribe yourself with a challenge-ending giftie, have at it! Fancy dinner out? Massage and/or facial? New shoes? A car? Hey… whatever floats your boat!)

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