Who Is Annie Oortman?

Fair question. In a quick sentence: I'm a fiction writer with an editing fetish.

Now, editing wasn't my first love (actually, it was a cute boy in my second-grade class named Henry Talley) or even my second (avoiding barn work). However, after getting an A for content but an F for readability on a third-grade book report, I learned having great ideas was one thing, communicating them well on paper another.

I became a disciple of the church of Proper Editing and card-carrying member of The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. Nowadays, I diagram sentences for fun (yes, for fun), correct my children when they say, "I did good on the test" (I did well.), and argue with fellow editors on the acceptability of ending a sentence with a preposition (avoid it if you can).

Okay, so how does all this cute creative stuff make me qualified to edit your manuscript? Another fair question. You're on a roll!

First, I'm a seasoned, focused editor. In my former life as a business copywriter, I edited not only my stuff, but also probably five-million-words worth of client material. For many years, I've toured the country and the Internet as Grammar Diva Annie, teaching classes and workshops to fiction writers.

Second, I'm an experienced, successful writer. For the last thirty years, I've been a freelance business marketing copywriter. Finally, the voices inside my head demanded to be heard. Now I give fictional life to these characters in romance and mystery novels. (Beats taking meds, right?)

Third, I'm a voracious, well-versed reader. In fact, I've been once since age four. Add that to being active in many online and live reader groups for most of my fifty-plus years, and I can confidently say I know what readers like and—more importantly—don't like in a novel.

I'm a stickler for taking your writing to the next level with an in-depth look at your prose's appearance, readability, and impact. My approach drives my clients and critique partners crazy, but they know it makes their writing better.

Remember, friends don't let friends go unedited.

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